Life is much more important than food, and the body much more important than clothes. Instead, be concerned with His Kingdom, and He will provide you with these things.
Luke 12:23,31

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Gospel Message - October 11th, 2009 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wisdom is a gift that enables us to know what to do in all situations of our lives. We pray for that wisdom that enables us to use riches, property, and all other gifts for the good of others and according to the plan of God.
Perhaps we say that something is impossible and, it probably is, if we do it ourselves. Jesus reminds us that, with Him, all things are possible. By trusting in God, we can expect supernatural power to be with us in our lives. In God we trust! In God we believe! In God we can do it!
used with permission - Msgr. Bob Lawrence

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