Life is much more important than food, and the body much more important than clothes. Instead, be concerned with His Kingdom, and He will provide you with these things.
Luke 12:23,31

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Bible Study - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel Passage
Luke 13:22 Jesus went through one town and village after another, teaching as he
made his way to Jerusalem. 23 Someone asked him, “Lord, will only a few be
saved?” He said to them, 24 “Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I
tell you, will try to enter and will not be able. 25 When once the owner of the house
has got up and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the
door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then in reply he will say to you, ‘I do not know
where you come from.’ 26 Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank with you,
and you taught in our streets.’ 27 But he will say, ‘I do not know where you come
from; go away from me, all you evildoers!’ 28 There will be weeping and gnashing
of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the
kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrown out. 29 Then people will come from
east and west, from north and south, and will eat in the kingdom of God. 30 Indeed,
some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.”

Questions for discussion -

1. In response to the question of curiosity about a number to be saved, Jesus
tells us the way to be saved. What does he say we need to do?

2. Jesus says the way to heaven is a “narrow door” and that we’re called to
“strive” or “struggle.” This means that to get into heaven isn’t easy, we have to
conquer ourselves and obey God, not just give into whatever we want. How
hard have you been striving to enter this narrow door? Does everyone get to Heaven or only those who obey God? What about
people who make mistakes but are really sorry later and come to ask God to
forgive them?

3. Jesus says “some who are last [in this world] will be first and some who are
first [in this world] will be last.” This means that there will be surprises at the
gates of Heaven: some people we don’t think will be in heaven will be there;
some who we think will be there, may not be. What can you do to help Jesus
save others?
used with permission - Fr. Roger Landry

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